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 We stay in Yuma, Arizona for 5 to 6 months of the year and a bicycle is a major mode of transportation. However is does not work when I need to get water, do the laundry, get propane or haul the recycle stuff. Now none of these trip are far, it is just the items are to heavy or bulky to carry on the bike so I was forced to use my car. I started looking around swap meets, flea markets and goodwill stores for something I could build a cart out of.  I was able to get all of my components and only spent $20.00, which included some brand new hardware.


1 - Golf pull cart - used
1 - Large metal basket - used
2 - Air filled tires and rims - used
4 - Pieces of 1" flat iron - New
4 - Small bolts and locking nuts - New
2 - Square U-botls - used
1- Nut and bolt for the hitch. 


The first thing I did was take off the original wheels that were on the golf cart and replaced them with two larger air filled tires and rims.  I then removed the brackets from the golf cart that held on the golf bag. This left me with a bare frame. I mounted the basket on the frame of the golf cart using the flat iron and nuts and bolts. This was done by drilling out holes through the flat iron and frame. The flat iron hold the basket to the frame very firmly, but it had no support side to side. I snooped through my hardware and found two 6" U-bolts. I bolt them to the wheel supports of the golf cart and then zip tied the tops to the basket. I took off the hand grop on the golf cart and drilled a hole through the handle. It now attaches to my bike with a eye bolt and nut. The golf cart handle is adjustable so it is easy to get the cart level. It is now very steady and will haul 60 pounds of water. It works like a charm, was easy to built , and cost next to nothing. I am sure it will have many uses. See the photos. Any questions, please just email me. Thanks.



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    Nice! I recently came into possession of a junked golf bag carrier that I'd swear was the exact same but an earlier, older (, junkier) model as yours. I will reference this post for later ideas/information, as I've yet to do any mods to it.
    However, on the very night of its Urban Salvage acquisition, I was able to improvise a similar setup to this, just in the act of trying to get the thing home with an already overloaded rear rack with bungee'd crate and homemade pannier cages made of refrigerator racks. ( It was needed if I was going to get home the half dozen intact but expired commercial fire extinguishers I have yet to come up with any practical uses for -- any body have ideas?)
    Tying bungees into a 4x lengthened tictactoe pattern allowed for an efficient netting to hold the existing cargo in place freeing up a few more cords to use securing the golf handle to the rear rack in exact same location as your build, but you can imagine that the unmodified upright angle of the cart's original design was quite awkward, especially when the hard, dry rubber cracked off of one of the wheels with several blocks still to travel. So wheel replacement was going to #1 priority!
    Have you experienced any sagging with the water and propane and such? My #2 project two was going to be adding some sort of cross brace between the two wheels to keep them from moving outwardly from each other under load, and I see your build doesn't have this addition.

    ps.addendum,my trailer cost £20 to also has 2 flagpoles on the back with a red reflective triangle i made on the offside pole....

    Hi,i stay in Dumbarton near Glasgow in Scotland and i made myself a DIY trailer from an old 4 wheel steel pram frame,some plastic material and planks of wood.I used 4 wheels which allowed me to use a simpler horizontal hitch where i only need to worry about turning.Many 2 wheel trailers use a ball joint which is more complicated and i did not have the resources to do this.I have used my trailer for 4 years with only a few minor problems which were easily sorted.It weighs about 12kilos or 20 lbs and can carry approx 40lbs on it and i have a pretty standard set of gears on my bike with a 14-28 sprocket block.There is a picture of my trailer with an advertising board on my facebook page-neil macpherson in my bike trips photo album.I also have a 30litre plastic storage box bought from Homebase and a homemade 50litre box for cyclelogistics which means moving things by bicycle.

    Hi, I don't know if you checked out my trailer yet. If you do look at my second posting on the build for the hitch design. I just picked up wheels off a jogging buggy and replacing the wheels made a big difference. I am still looking for a suitable basket like yours.

    Hi, Thanks for looking and commenting. What you are seeing is not a signal light set, it is just two Bell LED tail lights mounted side ways. Thanks again.

    I did a similar bike trailer out of a golf bag carrier. However, I kept the original wheels, after a few hundred miles changed the hitch design (not posted yet) and small improvements. I like the basket as opposed to my large plastic tub (not posted yet). My ideal trailer design would be the kid carrier because of the lower center of gravity and inflatable tires. Good instructable.

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    Hi thanks for looking and commenting. Would be very interested in seeing your hitch set up. this one works, but am looking at revising it to something a little more stable. Thanks again.

    Give me a bit here and I will amend my original instructable showing the modifications. About a week.

    Nice job. You should consider placing a short "safety" chain/cable from the handle to the bike rack in the event of a hitch failure. You wouldn't want a loose trailer careening down the road. Keep up the good work.

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    Hi, Thanks for looking and commenting, that is a great idea and will incorporate that very soon. Thanks.

    great way to think outside the box ! I was trying to figure out your "hitch", can you add some more photos of it and/or a description please

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    Hi, thanks for looking and commenting, the trailer is attached with an eye bolt, bolted to the reflector bracket on the rear rack through a hole drilled into the handle of the golf cart. Looking at a better way to attach it and when I do, will publish the upgrade. Thanks again.

    Great project..
    well done and looks great..

    How high is the center of gravity? and is it stable on tight turning?
    Also.. the bar on the back.. almost looks like you can have a few hooked up in a train..
    that would be another project.

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    Hi, thanks for looking and commenting, the center of gravity is 16" and it is fairly stable in corners as long as you're not trying to set a speed record, just make sure you load is distributed evenly as possible, I have hauled 60 lbs of water with no problem. As for the back that is just the way the cart was and who knows what changes I will make in the future. thanks agian

    be sure to clip your dogs collar to the basket, and line the bottom with cardboard. my dog jumped out once after a cat. my kart is an old kiddie hauler with the fabric removed and milk crates bolted in.

    I was just thinking about designing something for my puppy to go bike riding with me. A front basket isn't feasible as all the cables, my headlight, horn, etc are all there. Next idea was a basket above the back tire, but too wobbly for my dog. Now a pull-behind trailer, tremendous idea! I'm going to the resale shops and start looking for a golf pull cart! Thanks for sharing, and I'll be sure to publish mine when I get it done!

    Thanks for looking and commenting, It did turn out better than I expected and you are so right about u bolts, so many applications.

    This came out super sweet! U-bolts are seriously the most handy thing in the world.