BIG Bicycle Drivetrain Cleaning Tip!

Great way to thoroughly clean a bicycle drivetrain by safely spinning the cranks and chain without the need for the rear wheel to be attached to the frame!

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Step 1: All You Need Is...

Start out with a quick release skewer, end of the skewer, and spare jockey wheel from a rear derailleur.

Step 2: Remove QR Skewer...

After removing the skewer, take the two springs that come off of either side and place those elsewhere, they won't be needed for this!

Step 3: Take Note;

Remove the metal sleeve that comes with the jockey wheel...UNLESS YOUR SLEEVE is firmly held in place already, then leave it there. If the sleeve is loose and easily falls from the wheel, that's okay, just set it aside.

Step 4: Slide in On.

Place the jockey wheel onto the skewer, and skewer into the rear of the frame (w/ the chain around the jockey wheel). Tighten your skewer nut to the other side, snug enough to hold the set-up in place without over cranking it.

Step 5: Mission Accomplished!

Now you can easily shift through all of the gears as you deep clean your bicycle drive train!! Remember, DON'T USE EXTREMELY HIGH WATER PRESSURE to clean your bike!! RIDE ON!!

Step 6:

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