Hello guys , my name is carl , and nicknamed K8 , this is my first instructable , i'm gonna tell you how to make a glow stick that u can mount on ur bike ! i've done it myself , and it only needs a couple of minutes , depending on the amount of sticks :) !

Step 1: Necessary Equipment

ok so you are going to need the following for doing one stick :
- one led light ( for mine it's going to be blue )
- 2 AA  batteries 
- a double AA batteries holder ( u can take it from any toy )
- a little bit of wires to connect
- a switch ( you can also take from a toy )
- a plexiglass tube , diameter of 0.5 cm ( or a full light fiber optic ) , 18.5 cm long
- a piece of sand paper
- a shrink tube
- a lighter
- a soldering iron 
-tin lead alloy
if u don't know any of the above just google it !

Step 2: First Step

-rub the plexiglass tube with the sand paper till it turns from clear to opaque ( can't see throught ) .
//*** you can see in the picture how it was before and how it turned after being rubbed ***\\

Step 3: Second Step

- in this step we're going to attach the led light to the plexiglass tube , to do so , we're going to use the shrink tube.
- cut a little piece of shrink tube ( 3 to 4 cm long )
- insert the led light in the shrink tube from one side , letting all the glass part of the light in and let the metal sticking out .
- then insert the plexiglass tube in the other end .
- burn the shrink tube with a lighter till it tighten up on the led light and the plexiglass tube.
- let it cool down and beware of hot surface .
- it should look like the picture .

Step 4: Third Step

-in this step ur going to make the circuit .
- use the copper wires to connect according to the picture.
- battery connected to the switch connected to the led light ( + to + and - to - from battery to led ) then led to battery .

Step 5: The End

Here u have it ! ur very own glowy stick that u can mount on ur bike :)
i wish it's a good instructable :) , and i may do one for the wheel lights later on :) 

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