BIOLAND: Batch RPG Starting Point

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The title pretty much says it all. I have been working on this batch rpg on/off again for like a month or so and im giving it to you guys to do with it what you please.

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Step 1: About This Rpg

So i have included alot of things in this rpg. There is and option to save/load, a shop where you can buy things (what else would it be for), an arena, and plenty more. I have to put emphasis that this is a STARTING POINT as in its not finished. The rest is up to you to finish or change the story/game to however you please.

Step 2: The Code

I will add the Bioland.txt file at the end of this Instructable. You will need to change the extension from .txt to .bat

Thank you guys for checking out this Instructable and if their are any errors please tell me in the comments. I made this Instructable while i was half asleep. Anyways have fun Batch-ing.

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    3 years ago

    Not to criticize your choice of implementation language (it does have the virtue of running on every Windows machine), but have you checked out Tcl? is the hub. It is very similar in concept to batch files but far faster (it byte-code compiles) and far more advanced (with extensions for just about anything you might need including a neat and simple way to do graphical user interfaces). It also run scripts bit-identically between Linux, Windows and Macs (that is, the exact same script run identically on all platforms) and even Android. There is even a tclkit (start with that will enable you to package up scripts, graphics, the Tcl scripts execution engine itself and anything else you want to include into a single .exe file for Windows machine. Couldn't be easier...

    2 replies
    Candy Canelarry03052

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yeah, i was going through some old files and ran across this batch rpg i started a long time ago and decided to try and finish it but eventually got annoyed with endless else if statements and goto's. From what i've seen of tcl/tk it seems to fit my needs. Thank you for the recommendation.

    larry03052Candy Cane

    Reply 3 years ago

    You might check out, it's an Infocom-like text adventure engine I wrote that runs atop Tcl. If you prefer Scott Adams type games, try Scott Beasley's A new engine called Fiction! has been added recently at