Introduction: BLOCKY TEXT

This is really more of a instructable to inspire the few to do something like this; its all self explanatory. But its always fun just to scroll through someones how to just see what the person did, so here goes nothing!

I've recently been going to sleep extremely late, like 3am late. So, to remind me that I need more of it, I painted "SLEEP" on my wall right above my bed.

Sticking with the materialistic look to my room, I chose white just because it wasn't in your face compared to black. It also helps with the subtle message behind the text: "Hey, sleep sounds nice right? Come lay down for a bit. Now." That's the message I get from "SLEEP" -- aggressively gentle(?). 

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Step 1: Design

This is half of the battle, designing. I knew that I wanted the text to say sleep, but I wanted to be creative at the same time. Sense time is money, I had to stick with something simple. The other design that I wanted to do would take too long, and my tape was too big. 

I went to and typed "SLEEP" in the Custom Preview text field to see what it would look like. After surfing through many, I found my one true love: MINECRAFTER

Step 2: Bulletproof It

I used my tape as a tool to keep things symmetrical -- I used the pixel method, the letters were 10 inches (5 pieces of tape) wide and 16 inches (8 pieces of tape) tall with a 4 inch gap in between. 

Step 3: Apply the Tape

Be sure tho that your tape is REALLY 2 inches, turns out my tape was 2.12332222 inches or so wide, causing my P to be further then wanted when laying it all out, if perfection is key. Oh and my cat got the message I think. ;)

Its also easier thumb-tacking the end of the tape to hold it down if you need to do long strides.

Step 4: Apply the Paint

Get some newspaper and lay it out. Also add some extra "uh oh" borders around the text to make sure when taking those strokes of paint, you don't get it on the places you don't want it to be.

Be sure that when you do paint, that you make as many layers as needed. The more of the contrast in colors, the more layers. For me, all it took was 2 layers of paint due to the fact that my background color was a light color. 

Also, its best to have more than one light source. 

Step 5:

After letting it dry for awhile, (depending on how many coats you applied) I found it to be easier by tearing in the direction of the tape. Its easier to peal if the paint is fully dry, if not fully dry, it will be a gooey mess. 

Step 6: Done!

Give yourself a pat on the back and make some relaxing tea to cool yourself off from all that hard work. :) 

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