BLOODY Liver for Holloween

i will show you the HOW TO SCARE THE LIVER OUT OF YOUR BODY i mean show you how to make a cool decoration for holloween next year!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Set Up

 the things that you need: borax, (found at walmart) white glue, red food coloring, a large bowl, large spoon and a sandwich baggy 

Step 2: Add Borax and Glue

 put large bowl on table and add the borax and glue at the same time and stur until it looks like a white liver 

Step 3: Hold the Liver

 hold the liver and drop 4 drops of food coloring

Step 4: Scare Kids




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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Liver needs to be a little bit darker to be more realistic looking. Looks a little unnatural at this colour.