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Hi! Got this thought that maybe interrest someone?
It’s sooo…. simple that.., but it may come handy for someone in some app. It’s how to monitor a ”BLOWN” Fuse with a LED 

There’s maybe one downside with this: For App’s requiering “wery low” power consumption, because this solution draws a current for the LED, (hmm… 10~20mA) all the time  I guess there’s nothing to explane of the connections, just look at the schema.

Step 1: That's It!

In the schema there are two alternatives:
1. With the Fuse before the Switch, thus resulting in that the “BLOWN FUSE” LED will lit as long as the power is connected to the unit, ewen with the Switch “OFF”

2. With the Switch before the Fuse, thus reulting in that the “BLOWN FUSE” LED wan’t lit when the Switch is “OFF”, but now the FUSE will NOT protect the SWITCH



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