Introduction: BOB Jr

Meet Bob, Jr., the bug out bobble! Bob, Jr. is the smaller version of a full-sized BOB, or bug out bag, as it is called in the survival community. Bob, Sr. is typically a large hiking backpack, filled with survival gear such as flashlights, blankets, shoes, cash, water bottles, lighters, batteries, and more. They are nice to have in the trunk of a car. The upcoming Zombie Apocalypse hasn’t happened yet, but I use something out of my car trunk Bob at least once a month. This past week, I found myself on an unexpected short journey, and was delighted to find a warm blanket and insulated food bag in my own Bob. But, what happens if the Zombies attack while you are walking around a mall, far from your car, which was parked in a distant lot? Well, you will need Bob, Jr., the miniature version which resides safely on your keychain beside a car key for the gray alien’s new Zombie-mobile.

Ok, ok….back to the blog instructions. I am losing some of my readers with this sci-fi trek! This keychain has many practical purposes: identifying information and a small toy for a child; emergency meds; a few water purifying tablets and flint for a hiker.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Supplies needed:

  • A small (1-2 inch) plastic ball. I like Squinkie balls. The balls that come out of vending machines will also work.
  • A few inches of washi tape, duct tape, or whatever tape you already own
  • Scissors, perhaps a pair of wire cutters or needle nose pliers
  • A key ring, perhaps a key ring clip, too
  • A small ring, or short piece of wire

Step 2: Poke Holes in the Ball and Thread Small Key Ring or Wire

Step 1: Squinkie balls already have two holes in the ball. If you are using other types of plastic balls, poke a couple of holes in one end. Put a short piece of wire through the holes, and twist to close the loop inside the ball, leaving a loop on the outside of the ball. If using a key ring or jewelry ring finding, thread the ring through the holes. Small, cheap, wire key rings work best.

Step 3: Stuff BOB

Step 2: Using the loop on top of the ball, add a key ring, or key clip.

Step 3: Stuff your Bob, Jr. If you do not intend to access the contents often, add some washi tape, so that the contents will remain safely inside.

Suggestions for Bob, Jr. variations:

Step 4: Child Variation

For a child: tiny toys (such as a squinkie!), parent’s phone number, notes to teacher (or teacher to parent), small paper puzzles or riddles, “happy” notes from Mom or Dad.

Step 5: Medical Version

For an adult with medical issues: individually packaged emergency pills (such as Benadryl for allergies), drug allergy and medical condition alerts, emergency contact information, first aid supplies (small bandages, pain killer pills wrapped in food safe foil or plastic).

Step 6: Survival Version

For hikers: flint or other forms of fire starters, water purification tablets, emergency contact phone numbers, tiny maps, string or wire, painkiller pills (wrapped in food safe foil or plastic).

For future Zombie fighters: a tiny mirror to reflect light into Zombie eyes, fire starter (flint, tiny matches) to ward off Zombies with fire, a tiny watch or timer to know when to find shelter before darkness falls, small maps, water purification tablets, a mini-book of self defense tactics. Add a few pre-1960s pure silver dime to trade for food, or to forge into a weapon to kill werewolves!

Step 7: Check Us Out

For more information on this and more projects check us out at:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are really cool :) Do you know where to acquire Squinkies anymore? My nephews love them but I haven't been able to find them recently.


    5 years ago

    Cool idea, but one question... What did one hippo say to the other?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    "You're fat."

    The other one replied, "You're so hippo-critical."