Introduction: BONEYARD SIGN

BONEYARD sign for you cemetery or crypt. Cheap price/great effect.
I had my sign for several Halloweens and the more it get dirty and torn up the better it looks.

Materials Needed:
     1. Sheet 3/4" foam insulation $10
     2. Exacto hobby knife
     3. Battle Ship Gray latex house paint (small jar)
     4. Orange Halloween string lights
     5. Printer and paper
     6. Vampire font for your PC
     7. Sharpe
     8. Yard stick
     9. toothpicks
   10. Elmers glue
   11. Patience

     1. Cut 2+ feet from the bottom of the foam sheet. (giving you roughly a 2'x4' sheet)
     2. Choose a word for your entrance I went with Boneyard (obv.)
     3. Print your Letters off ( I went with one per sheet)
     4. Lay Them out across the board and size to fit ( you will want enough room to add a boarder  and some brick on either side)
     5. On the excess form board lay out each letter by following the contour of the letter with a toothpick, leaving a series of small hole that
         form the letter
     6. Trace the holes with a Sharpe and cut out with the exacto knife.  Check for fit on the board once they are cut out.
     7. Mark off a small border around your letters and using a yard stick draw it in.
     8. using the yard stick and sharpie layout a brick pattern.
     9. Trim all edges at an angle with the exacto knife.  Ruff and uneven adds to the look of the bricks.
   10. Layout your letters again and place a series of marks around them (as shown in the photos)
   11. Punch a series of holes though the board under the letters. Account for each bulb in the light string. ( I used a drill bit)
   12. Paint the board and your letters. (this covers up all your marks and make sure any plastic coating is removed)
   13. Push lights through the holes from the back and tape the wiring.
   14. Glue the letters down with elmers

Plug it in and have a Happy Haunt.

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    Thanks....I'm a Halloween junkie....More to come. :)