BOOM Splash

My race is sneg which is a abbreviation for the famous saying "sophisticated narwhals eat gummybe...

Intro: BOOM Splash

Step 1: Instruments for Destruction

You only need 2, yes 2 ingredients. Both are easy to find, and I mean super dee duper to find! : ) enjoy (just don't destroy the universe please) Sorry, all you need is... Plastic rap and Good ol' water

Step 2: The Sheet of Beginning!

Now, tear a sheet of plastic wrap off about as big as the picture, this is important. (No wrinkles please) foot only to give idea of size

Step 3: Forming Shape of Water Weapon

Make a ring with pointer finger and thumb and proceed to push wrap in to ring.

Step 4: Fill Up

Fill with sink water

Step 5: Finish

Pinch top together about. An inch over the water bag

Step 6: Finish 2

Twist top until water is squashed



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