I been making jewelry for seven, I really enjoy making jewelry, I make different kind of handmade beaded jewelry such as, hemmatites, acrylic, glass, also wood beads. I try to create my own style that knowone else has, I must say as years past me by and I notice my handmade jewelry evolved to greatestness than it was from the first day I got started. During the period of time I got into working with wire,such as 18 guage 20 guage silver and gold wire, I learn how to make wire sculpture ring it was'nt easy at first but I made it but I'm still learning to do better making wire sculptured ring was just a add on to my handmade beaded jewelry. As I went to different levels in making Jewelry, I learned how to make paracord bracelets with different colors, I aslo created my on style and gave it a new name, I think paracord bracelets are great to make and this to was a add on to my bizz. Now that I'm getting to the best part of my ending story: I alo learned how to make SHAMBALLAS bracelets single band, double band, also tripple bands, I think shamballas is one of the best thing going on today for as bracelets, it really does'nt matter what kind of beads that a person use a shamballa is a shamballa, I make alot of shamballas I'm very good at making shamballa bracelets and this to is a add on to my bizz. There's other shamballa styles out there but I really have'nt taped into that part yet but I will soon, so this is my whole life on making handmade beaded jewelry. For all those jewelry makers keep on doing what you enjoy, some of you do it for a hobby, for extra money, for family reunions or for a friend but whatever it is don't stop because at the end there's a treasure wait with your name on it.   So don't be afraid to spend money to make money. JEWELRY MAKERS GO TO THE TOP



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