BPR's New Store and Mission

I was born on November 12, 1943  during the Second World War, so I’ve 70 years’ memory of my father’s Victory Gardens.  After teaching college for 30 years, in 1999 I founded the non-profit  Benson Plant Rescue, recycling end-season, damaged, and overstock plant goods tp provide children’s books and iPads to our local library.  We started selling out of back yards, but  last month leased a store to move to a new level.  We’re partnering with three other non-profits to create an environmental circle, rescuing not just plants but discards from grocery stores to supply produce to homeless shelters, food pantries, drug rehabs, and sheltered housing for mental clients.  Produce waste is being recycled through our worm farm with worm castings used in our community gardens which, in turn, are producing more produce for our non-profit clients.  And so the circle turns.  The store needs a lot of work, and outside we’re still in the process of developing a meditation garden, rescue garden, and teaching garden on the way to producing a prototype energy efficient home with large interior garden space.   All that will take much more than $25,000.  But this prize will go a long way to launching this integrated environmental effort that feeds both body and mind,   At the Benson Plant Rescue we've been Growing Community, Not Just Plants, since 1999.    Please help us grow more.



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