BR55 Battle Rifle ( Halo 2 )



I have just finished the battle rifle of halo 2 and i am so pleased with it, it has some modifications so it could be made, but it is quite up to scale

the x2 Scope is an actual working scope and was so simple to make once after a few times

the trigger is different to the one shown of the battle rifle in the Halo 2 booklet, it was the most smallest but hardest part to the whole thing

the handle had to altered to fit the trigger but it is quite simple yet agaian after alot of altering

the handguard might be a bit small and not low enough but if it were lower it be shorter lengthways
i just had leave it how it was.

thank you for looking at this version of the battle rifle, i call it BR55 TE battle rifle 55 tactical edition



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    4 years ago

    I know that I could make from the pics but can you post instructions

    Looks neat! Question, do you later dismantle it, and use the parts for another project? I dont know anything about Knex, I suppose it depends on the costs of the parts. Maybe 150 years ago (It feels like, as I am 53) everybody was into mecano, until it got too expensive, lots of great models were made, I recall seeing a main line express locomotive (NZ Railways' Ka) and after it toured NZ, lots of photos made, some Super 8 video taken, it was dismantled for the builders next project, but nothing would have surpassed the Ka. NB, it was a static model, Meccano had not gone into motorised then, or maybe NZ's import licensing stopped the extras coming into NZ.

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    To answer your question: Yes, we normally make a creation, show it off, and dismantle it for the next new idea. Some people with thousands of parts keep multiple creations together at the same time, as k'nex cost only pennies per piece.

    I will be looking into what use I can make of it. Can you post some URLs for websites about Knex please? More about components than projects please, Knex might prove useful with other things I do. BTW, I only saw photos of the Ka, it predated me, or maybe it toured when I was a baby, and my family might have back in Holland at the time, for 4-years

    So you want to buy some K'nex? If you look at garage sales or Ebay or on dutch "Vlooienmarkten", you can get some cheap knex for just a few euros. Don't go and buy it in the toy stores; on the garage sales and such you can sometimes get about 4 times as much for the same amount of money.

    Tiger, I just wanted for now a close look at the components, unassembled, to get an idea of what I could do with them. Which is why I wondered if there was a website which pictured each part. In NZ we have Trade Me an which sell wooden toys I make, but 50% at least of the wooden toys on Trade Me are the Thomas train sets. One I know more about K'nex then I will go looking for cheaper deals. Peter

    Where is the offical Knex store? I am very unwell, i could search for it, but need to be looking after myself more. Might be soon, I can not move well any more, I am hoping for a fix, but it is not sight. could you post the link please thanks Peter, PS I am in New Zealand, not many places to look at the stuff face to face

    I can very likely buy locally, but could you please post the link, so I can look at the components, I tend to do unusable things with parts and materials, when working, I invented gadgets to work easier, I had a large stock of that warehouse shelving, slotted angle steel, once I build a light trolley, which picked up small pallets of finished product.

    It was light product====pantyhose after being packed, ready to be picked to order and dispatched to retailers


    "Question, do you later dismantle it, and use the parts for another project?" Think of it like Legos, it depends on how many pieces he has, and how much he likes it. If he is in love with it, he is probably going to keep it. If he hates it, and needs the pieces for a new model he is working on, he will probably use the parts for another project. And they have some motors for K'nex, which people make Gatling Guns, Rollercoasters, and whatnot out of. Hope that answers your question.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Looks a bit shorter then the real one (in the game), but maybe that is where the tactical edition is all about (shorter=easier to manouver, and thus more useful for building clearing).