Introduction: BREATH UNDER WATER!!!!!!!!!!!

this is my first instructable so I want to start of with somthing easy for me and easy for your so if I make any mistakes please comment remember I will update this instructable come summer time.

In this Instructable I am going to show you how to make an under water breathing device (didn't know what to call it but I like to call it Sam as in Sammy the fish) the device allows you to breath under water for a shorter time but you can't use it very long and I suggest you always swim with a friend in case !

I have tried it three time and I think you can get about 4-5 extra breaths when under this thing

I will have updates and more pictures some under water but right now its winter so wait for the UPDATE

Step 1: Making Your Sam and Getting the Materials

somethings your going to need are :

-one bucket(one that can fit over your head and has enough room for a 1-2 cm gap between your face and the sheet of plastic

-one clear plastic sheet your best bet is to one have the same size as one side on your bucket(u might end up cutting it any way

-some hot melt glue sticks

-glue gun


Step 2: Cutting and Creating

the next thing you will want to do is cut out a square from your bucket using your Dremel

this is were you will put the clear plastic sheet

and the piece of the bucket you cut out can be thrown away

Step 3: Cut Your Clear Stuffz

IF you have to cut your plastic to have a proper fit I left mine about 1-2mm over the actual size that way it is easier to air seel

Step 4: Putting It All Together

for this step all you need to do is glue it and drill to holes on the left and right side of the glass this is wear you will but strings to go under your arms that way it doesn't float away under water.

Step 5: The End

now that your have a bucket helmet or an idea of how to make one try it out
and remember even after you build it I will be thinking of add ons I have already started on a bicycle inner tube oxygen tank and led light head lambs for darker water or for night swimming



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    Try adding a air compresser to the top.

    This can get dangerous due to carbon dioxide poisoning. I wouldn't recommend more than two or three breaths under this thing. Has anyone even tried this out yet? I want to know how to get such a large bucket underwater.

    Maxmaker has the right idea. You will never get it underwater without ballast. When I made mine in 1979, we used 4 plastic milk jugs full of mud tied to rim with holes we drilled. This pretty much made it neutrally buoyant. We attached an air fitting for a hose connected to a bike pump. We had a lot of fun with ours.

    Be very careful with this. If you take a deep breath and then surface with this thing, you can get what's called an arterial gas embolism in less than 4 feet of water so never hold your breath! There are several other lung over-expansion injuries you can sustain if you aren't careful but the AGE is the most serious. If you're into this thing, you can get scuba certified for inside of 300 bucks. Sometimes they have scuba expo's that will do it for 100 or even less! Even if you want to keep trying the DIY approach, it will give you a strong base of knowledge to continue your (quite fatal if you don't know what you're doing) hobby. I have several hundred dives all over the world and at least $30k invested in scuba education and equipment. Unfortunately there is a lot of science you need to know about this sport, especially if you're trying to make your own breathing equipment and what you don't know can easily kill you. I give you an A for enthusiasm though! My first attempt was when I was 6 with a garden hose taped to a crabbing buoy. I couldn't go more than a few feet down before it was impossible to breathe because of the water pressure and not having compressed air.

     if you did that it would fill up with water unless you sealed it to your neck, even then you would be breathing the same air through the tube unless it was vary short in other words you would breathe and your breath would not even reach the end of the tube then you would breathe the same air in that you just breathed out

    Your lungs would be unable to expand regardless under even the pressure of a few feet of water. That is why scuba gear and surface supplied air is pressurized

    The only application I can see for this is if you need two or three minutes under water to check something in the bottom of your pool or in a shallow pond and one breath is not going to give you enough time.

    Wouldn't work because the CO2 output pipe would make a pressure difference between the helmet and the water thus letting water into the helmet but you could do away with the CO2 tube and then the air would just bubble out from under the helmet

    i cant have a hole in the top off the helmet because te preasure inside the helmet is what stops the water from pushing its way into the helmet this isnt for going under water for hours but a kool little look i can grab an extra breath under water

    i think that the air pump would push it in....... i maid something like it, but with no pump...

    Be VERY careful using normal air pumps. Most air pumps leak a little bit of their lubricating oil into the air they pump. This is NOT GOOD to breathe! Properly filtered air pumps are available and won't mess up your lungs.