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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • 10 foot PVC pipe
  • 8 three way elbows
  • 1 cross pipe
  • 4 tee pipes
  • 3 motors Internet cable
  • 3 propellers
  • Electrical tape
  • Soldering iron
  • A roll of acid core solder
  • A pipe
  • 3 switches
  • 3 switches cables
  • Wax
  • 15 Cable ties
  • Magnets
  • Main power supply
  • 6 inch by 3 inch piece of any thin wood
  • Drill
  • 2 pieces of 3 inches of pipe insulation
  • Plug outlet
  • Wood glue

Step 2: Start Frame

Take the 10 foot PVC pipe and PVC pipe cutters and cut 8 pieces each being 6 inch PVC pipes.

Step 3: Start Frame

once you have your 8 pieces take 4 of those pieces and 4 3-way elbow pipes and connect two pipes on each end. Do this until you can connect them all together to make a square.

Step 4: Add Pipes for Height

Then take 4 more of the 6 inch pieces that you cut and connect them on the only hole of the pipe left which would have the pipes sticking up.

Step 5: Attach Connectors

Then attach the remaining 4 three way pipes to the 6 inch pieces that are sticking up.

Step 6: Cut More Pipe

Now take the Pipe cutters and what’s left of the 10 foot PVC pipe and cut 12 pieces that are each 2 inches long.

Step 7: Attach More Connectors

Then take one of the 2 inch pipes and connect it to one side of the tee connectors then attach it to the three way connectors that are sticking up.

Step 8: Form One Side of Bottom

Now attach another 2 inch pipe to the other side of the tee

Step 9: Repeat for the Other 3 Sides

Now do this for the rest of the the 3-way elbows

Step 10: Attach Cross Pipe

now take another one of the 2 inch PVC pipes and attach it to the cross pipe connector and to one of the tee pipe connectors

Step 11: Finish Frame

Then attach the remaining 3 2 inch pipes and connect them to the cross and to the other tee connectors

Step 12: Transition to Motors

Your frame is now complete. Now get your motors.

Step 13: Start Motors

Get 3 motors and you will also get 3 little bottles with a little hole on the cap. Wax will be given to you which you will use to create 3 nickel sized balls and 3 more that are a little smaller.

Step 14: Build Motors

Get one of the small wax balls and apply it to the top of the motor which should be a little metal stick.

Step 15: Put Motor in Bottle

insert the motor with the wax on it, to the inside of your bottle and push it until the little metal stick comes out the end of the hole.

Step 16: Finish Capping Bottles

Once that’s done apply the nickel sized ball of wax on the back of the motor as if you were covering it. Smush the wax inside until you can put the cap back on. Do this for all 3 bottles and motors.

Step 17: Heat Up Solder

You will get the soldering iron and the acid core that comes with it, you will heat up the solder and apply it to the cap where the wires are sticking out.

Step 18: Solder Wire to Cap

get the acid core and put it on top of the iron which will melt it and get on the intersection of the cap and the wire.

Step 19: Solder the Caps

After the acid core solder is placed blow on it, and will harden almost immediately. This will prevent the cap from slipping or falling out. Do this for all three motors caps.

Step 20: Strip Outside Black Wire

Once you are done with that, the motors have a black cable with it. Get a pair of wire cutters and remove about 3 inches of wire on one end of the cable.

Step 21: Strip Wire

there will be a red wire and a black wire inside of the cable, remove an inch of the red and black wire.

Step 22: Finish Motors

:Once you are done you should see 2 brown copper ,wires, that is the inside of the red and black wire. Do this for all three motor wires. Then attach propellers.

Step 23:

You will receive 3 different more different kinds of black cables, with these cables you will do the same thing like you did on the last step, for both ends of the cables but the cables inside are more than two and are twisted together in a certain pattern, like blue and white, green and white , orange and white and brown and white (Do this for all three colored cables that you choose.)

Step 24:

You will receive 3 switches which will trigger the motors to move. For each switch you will insert the copper wires of 6 different wires inside 6 little holes which is located on the bottom of the switch.

Step 25:

For the first two you will insert on one side green and the counterpart white. (does not matter which pattern it goes in).

Step 26:

For the second set you will insert blue on one side and white on the other. You have to use the cables in which both were tangled.

Step 27:

And for the final set do the red on one side and white on the other. After that make the copper ends hook on the little hole so they won't slip out.

Step 28:

Do steps 25 to 27 for all three switches with your 3 black cables make sure that all colors are on one side and that all whites are on the other side.

Step 29:

Once you are done, you will sauter all the cables that are connected to the switches and then cover it with tape.

Step 30:

After that you will connect the other end of the black cable, which are supposed to have the same cutting of the wires, connect the switch cables and motor cables together by twisting the copper ends together. Do this for all three motor and switch cable wires.

Step 31:

You will receive a really long kind of light grey colored internet cable. Do the same method of cutting wires like you have done to the ends of the previous cables to this cable. After that, connect those wires to all of wires that are twisted and soldered together from the motor’s cable and the switch’s cables.

Step 32:

Then for the other end of the internet cable, you will do the same thing, except this time you will be twisting them into a power supply that you have. One end of the power supply will have the cable cut off and grey wires will be sticking out. Twist the wires of the internet cable to the main power supply.

Step 33:

Double check everything is firm and no copper wires are showing just to be safe, you need to cover the wires with your electrical tape to make sure that the wires do not short.

Step 34:

double checked everything again to make sure that no copper is showing.

Step 35: Start Controller

To make your controller in which the switches will go, first grab your wood, your pipe insulation and wood glue.

Step 36: Base of Controller

Cut a line through both pieces of insulation and put a thin stripe of wood glue on the ends of the insulation. Then attach the insulation to the 3 inch sides of the piece of wood.

Step 37: Drilling Holes on Controller

Once your base is complete, take your drill and make 3 holes that are big enough to hold the metal part of the three switch across the board with 1.5 inch increments. and then tape the terminal to the bottom of the wood with the silver part of the switch through the newly drilled hole. Make sure that the wires are hanging straight down from the bottom.

Step 38:

Finally, go and test your final submarine to any pool of some sort, if any errors occur, make sure you followed the steps correctly and read them carefully just in case you missed something.

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    3 years ago

    You mention acid core many times when soldering. You do not want to use acid core solder on electronics it will lead to many problems. Rosin core solder is the only solder you should be using on wire or electronic components!


    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)