its called as bulb canon as ur is made by the paet of bulb and its look like a canon therefore i have named it as bulb canon

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Step 1: Step 1: Step 1 Materials Required

a glue gun

A lighter

A match box

Match sticks

Bulb filament

A paper clip

Step 2: Step 2: Step 2

take a paper clip add some glue from glue gun to the clip to attach the filament of bulb

Step 3: Step 3: Step 3

attach the filament as shown above

Step 4: Step 4: Take the Matchstics

take some match sticks from match box to crush the powder of match box

Step 5: Step 5: Step 5

crush the powder as shown above

Step 6: Step 6: Step 6

add the powder inside the filament tube and leave the match stick inside as shown above

Step 7: Step 7: Step 7

after doing these steps your canon will be like the above

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