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I found this simple candlestick lamp in a box of random items my mom was tossing out and now I wish I had a few more! I had so much fun putting this Boyd bunny lamp together with all the little miniatures and old flower stems I gathered and it only took about an hour to assemble, I highly recommend making your own today:)

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Step 1:


7" * 8" board
2" square block of wood
Floral Foam
knife to cut foam
Hot glue gun and glue
Assorted Floral stems and leaves
Boyd or plush bunny
Green moss
candlestick lamp (I checked Hobby Lobby and I was told they only carry this item around Christmas but I did find them on amazon at
small shade (available at amazon...
1 yard 1" ribbon to wrap around base
Assortment of miniatures- picket fence (available at amazon at, wheel barrel, bird, dragonfly, hat, lady bugs, basket, stones, small pot (They do have a cute assortment of garden miniatures at Hobby Lobby)

Step 2:

As you can see in the photos, most of the items used in this project are recycled so please don't mind the dirty board and block with dried glue.
Cut about 2" off the end of the floral foam. and then cut it in half. Cut an angle off of one of the ends, as shown in the picture above on the right.
Adhere your 2" wooden block and two foam pieces on your small board along the back and left side.

Step 3:

Glue the base of the candlestick lamp to the top of the wooden block.
Hot glue green moss covering the wooden board, block, and foam. Do not put too much hot glue on the top of the foam because it can make it hard to poke in the silk flower stems.

Step 4:

Place glue on the bottom of the silk floral pieces and poke into floral foam. I usually start with the greenery spacing them out along foam pieces and then move on to the flowers.Then add some flat stones on the sloped part of the floral foam.

Step 5:

Squeeze some hot glue into little basket and then stick in some green moss.
Add glue to the ends of small silk stem pieces and poke into basket.
Add a little lady-bug that is if you have one:)
Glue bunny down in front of candlestick.
Slip basket on to his left arm and add a little glue to hold.
Place a small amount of glue on the spade where it rests against the bunny.
Adhere small bird and a few leaves to bunny's head.

Step 6:

Add fence by adhering one end into foam by flat rocks and then wrap around behind bunny to adhere to back of lamp.

Add fence by adhering one end into foam by flat rocks and then wrap around behind bunny to adhere to back of lamp.

Step 7:

Hot glue wheel barrel to the base, leaning on to the edge of flowers.
Add a small pot at the base of the wheel barrel on its side

Step 8:

Starting at the back of the lamp, glue 1" ribbon around the wooden board base.

Step 9:

This lamp shade is also a recycled item from an old project.
The little flowers are actually stamped on which I still like, however, I am not digging the ribbon on top so I ripped that off and added individual leaves in it's place.
Then I added a few leaves and blue flower topped off with an amazing dragonfly which I looovvvvve on this project.

Step 10:

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