Baby Animal Formula





Introduction: Baby Animal Formula

This baby animal formula was given to our family by an old vetranarian who has long since passed on. We've used this formula on puppies, kittens, piglets, and squirrels and bunnies! Simple to make and keeps well. We haven't needed to try it on our little goats but if we ever run out of goat milk we know what to use.

Step 1: Baby Animal Formula

Baby Animal Formula

Mix the following ingredients well and keep in refrigerator. Stir or shake well when feeding.

4 oz evaporated milk
1 egg yolk
4 oz water
1 teaspoon oil



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    13 Discussions

    does it work on chipmunks???

    I'm wondering if I could use my calve milk formula to soften the pellets for my 3 week old piglet....

    When we have an abandoned kid , we usually use canned goats milk. We mix 1 can of Meyers with 1 can filtered water (we have a well) and a couple of tablespoons of Karo syrup. When one of our friendlier girls kid, we milk a little colostrum to freeze in ice cube trays for those kids that are abandoned right off. As they get older we half the formula with whole cows milk and slowly ween them to that.

    I thought the formula for baby animals was: mummy animal + daddy animal = baby animal(s) :D

    I recently got a young cat, about a year old, and he is dreadfully skinny. Do you think this would help him to fatten up a bit, even though he's been off milk for a good long time?

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    I think it would help him, but that is not all I would feed him. My cats really like Friskies (blue or purple bag). Also, here is another similar version that another vet just gave me. One can Pet or Carnation Milk (evaporated) and then one can of water, one egg yolk, one tablespoon Karo syrup (clear). This has helped my cats keep a nice coat, but I keep the dry catfood in their bowl for them all the time as well. They go outside in the day and I keep them inside at night. Kind of a pain, but we have coyotes and foxes and something got one of my cats ahwhile back. Oh, I suggest you worm your cat also. Good luck!

    He's been wormed and everything, just prior to being given to us. We're feeding him normal food, but he's so boney. We'll try that out tomorrow. Thank you so much.

    We use crisco vegetable oil...but you can probably use other kinds as well. Thanks for looking at my post. Good luck.

    Milk is milk bud... Even if its a fake kind... :) we have raised everything from kitties, puppies, kids, calves and piglets using goat milk. Also also pure cow milk. And sometimes plain carton milk. Goat is better. If the baby hadn't got the colostrum, it will grow somewhat weaker, but it'll grow anyway and be strong afterwards. We had some "about to die" babies that grew into regular looking/living adults. HTH!

    One question: I know that wouldn't be recommended for Cavies, does your vet say this is ok for other vegetarian animals?

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    Goodhart, The vet passed away long ago. But we have used this formula successfully on wild rabbits which are very difficult to raise in captivity. The only problem we had with it was with the baby pig I believe, it was a little too rich, so we left out the oil. We only used this formula until the baby pig was up to eating whole milk. It just gives them a bit of a jump start I guess. I've never tried it on Cavies, our moms always did a good job. Your Cavies look adorable! Thanks for the reply and question. MJ

    The vet passed away long ago.

    I am so sorry, I missed that some how.

    Mama Cavies are really good that way, even ours with four to handle and only 2 "feeders" for the youngin's she did a great job, although we suplimented a little with some unflavored yogurt.

    We "have" had some cavies get so ill that we had to use antibiotics, and then it is advisable to give them (hand feed them) live yogurt cultures to get the flora active in the digestive tract again.