Baby Booties


Introduction: Baby Booties

I started making crocheted baby booties to sell on e-bay , but needed to find some knit patterns. Problem is that I hate seams. Then I discovered the Magic Loop technique and found a pattern that started at the sole. It worked like a charm for some, but I need to make smaller booties. While waiting for an order for small circular needles, I crocheted the sole, then pick up stitches around the edge with dp needles. Works great and NO seams. :)



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    Hi, I would love instructions as to how ... step by step to make them since I do not crochet. I am looking to make preemie size and doll size booties. Also looking for a basic top to a skirt for 10 inch doll baby. I will sew the skirt to the top.

    These appear very cute and hopefully, easy? But is that the instructions? I'm afraid I need more to be able to follow how to do it, unfortunately. Maybe you will consider including an actual "pattern" for those of us that cannot figure out how to make these without a bit more guidance? .

    Sorry Stinkymum, I didn't mean to ask you, I WAS asking the author about the pattern but I must have typed it in the wrong area.

    Cute! It sounds like a great solution to the seam problem, too.

    Cute! That looks like a lot of work, great job, they're super small!