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Introduction: Baby Carry Nest

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Sew something warm??? hmmm i live in a tropical island...where it's hot! What can i mind wondered and it fell upon my mom's baby carry nest!  My mom sells's sort of a small baby sleeping bag which keeps babies warm and cuddled they would sleep for a looooog  time :-) . I asked her if i can share her secret with the world and she agreed. So here goes.
btw...i couldn't find a baby to display i used a doll.

Note: hey...i just did a search on carry nest and found out these cost like $150 plus! (and to think my mom sells it for $25-30!)
If you make would cost real cheap! :-)

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Step 1: Gather Your Stuff

You would need
a printed material
lining material
and 8 oz thick wadding/ padding
lace to match
sewing machine

Step 2: Make Block and Cut

Step 3: Frill

Take a matching cotton lace to match your fabric. Measure double the length of the curve by placing the lace on the curve and cut.
Add the gathering foot (or frill foot...i'm not sure what it's called...i just call it gathering foot ) to your machine and gather up the lace.
If you don't have a foot to problem....just do a fast running stitch with your machine and then pull one thread to make a frill.
place the right side of lace facing the right side of the printed fabric. and sew on the curve.

Step 4: Zip and Lining

Take your yardage zip. Cut it to 22 inches in length as the sides are 21". make a small mark at the front of the zip on both sides of the flap. 
place the right side of the zip facing the right side of the fabric.  sew a running stitch.
now place the lining on top and sew.
open up the zip and place the other part of the zip on the other side. check your mark and place the front of the zip facing the right side of the fabric. and place the other part of the lining on top and sew. this is the same as the previous step only done all at once.

now both sides are joined to the lining...we've left the along the curve....the frills should be tucked in...( remember right side is in)

Step 5: Adding the Wadding

place wadding on the carrier ( I'll call it carrier from now on) and  sew on the sides and top...NOT THE BOTTOM.
place the second wadding on the other side and again sew the same way.

cut off the excess wadding and turn it inside out

Step 6: The Strap

cut 2 strips of the lining material about 3.25" wide and 22 inches long.
take one strip ...fold it length wise ...iron and sew
tun it inside out and tuck in the edges and sew the ends.
fold in half and iron.
mark  4" on either side of the center fold  and  fold on that mark and iron.

Step 7: Add Velcro Tabs and Sew

on one end of the strip sew a 1.5"  piece of velcro....the prickly side.
on the other end in the under a 2.5" piece of the soft side of the velcro .
mark 11" down from the top of the carrier. place the strip center on it and pin the 3 ironed lines
Now slowly raise the lining and move the other pieces of the carrier away from the needle and sew the strip to the lining. (you could do this step before joining the liner to the carrier....that would be easier....kind of forgot to do that earlier :-D)

Step 8: Add the Zip Head and Sew Off the Bottom

add the zip head and close the carrier. Turn it inside out
now hold the zip end and stretch it till and mark the other end with a pin. (this is to get the center in the  back of the carrier) The pictures will explain.
Tack all four layers together....make sure you get the wadding.
Sew from the zip to the sides.
Now take the other strip we cut earlier.
fold and sew along the bottom..before coming to the end fold towards the needle and sew ( i took loads of pictures to explain it better :-))
Turn the other side....fold the excess so you get a neat edge...and sew...again refer to the pictures.
You are done!  now turn right side out !
Next step is how to place you little one!

Step 9: Bundle Up You Little Love!

Unzip the carry nest and place baby gently on the open strap.
tape up the babe under the arms.
Zip up the cute bundle and pray the little one has a nice long nap! :-)

IF you have all the materials you could do this in one would make a nice baby gift.
I've added pictures of other carry nest my mom have done with different fabric.

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    5 months ago on Step 9

    could you supply the measurements or a cutting pattern please


    Reply 5 months ago

    hi, measurements are all given in the instructables. Check each step and also the images for notes. Have fun making it :-)