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This baby crib can be good for babies till 9-12 months,
while large bed is unnecessary.
To ensure a greater about of security for children,
I found safety requirements in internet.
Standard cribs must have slats that are no more 10cm -
this is to keep infants from getting their heads stuck between them.
Standard cribs corner posts should be the same height
or less than 1/16 higher than the headboard and footboard panels.
To provide maximum of fixity I made headboard and footboard panels
in trapeze shape of their basis.
So this crib size is 0.9m x 0.6m, can normally be placed near parents bed.
The size of all components is according to the mattress.
At first step I choose the mattress, then, according to it size, I did the bottom plate.
On the second step I did sides, and then headboard and footboard panels.
All parts composed of plywood boards (16mm thickness),
that were colored in water based paint for wood.
For connection of all parts I used plastic corner bracket with cover –
to prevent child access to the screws.
Circular holes in the side panels allow
easily to give a baby the pacifier, bottle or toy.
To add the children's toys I used the shower curtain rings :)

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    I want to thank you because, looking at your project, I decided to realize a baby bed for my daughter! Find attached the actual status..waiting for painting.

    Congratulations for the work done and thanks for inspiration! :)


    Looks great... I wish I had the gumption to try that a couple years ago.

    Having done more since, I'd really recommend getting a small router with either a roundover or 45 degree bit... makes a HUGE difference, in terms of speed.


    6 years ago

    This looks awesome. How did you get the cut-outs so smooth? Did you use a router?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction


    I didn't use a router - it was handled electrical saw, sandpaper and lot of patience :)