Baby Pillow "Feel Me"

Introduction: Baby Pillow "Feel Me"

Hello everyone, i hope you understand the most. My english is not so good, but i will give my best but i will get better to explain my ideas. Thank you. :D I've made this pillow for my youngest son. He love the little lablesigns in the clothes or on the toys. I had the idea to make him a pillow with different lablesigns, that he can feel different textures.

Step 1: You Need

- sewing machine - iron - Fabric for the pillow (i used grey fabric) - Ribbons and fabric in different colors for the lablesigns - Thread in different color - filling material (i used little foam material parts from an old pillow) Optional: - Twin-Needle for the sewing machine - Fabric-Color (i used Marabu Nr. 091 and 264) - Felt for the textile stamp (i used a old tape to stamp the motive)

Step 2: The Pillow

Cut 2 squares for the pillow. To garnish the squares use thread and different stiches and a Twin-Needle for more "Feel Effekt" Optional: Make a textile stamp on Felt and sew it on one square

Step 3: The Lablesigns

Cut different ribbons, put the ends on top of each other, sewing it and press it with the iron. The same with the fabric for the lablesigns.

Step 4: Sew All Together

Lay one square with the left side on the table, then lay the lablesigns around the pillow (see photo) and stick it with the saddle stich. Then lay the other square with the right side up on the other and sew all together. Warning: You need a little hole to pull the pillow to the outside and for the filling. Pull the pillow to the outside, fill it and sew up the hole. Done! :D

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