Baby-Proof Your Phone for $2

Introduction: Baby-Proof Your Phone for $2

This is a bare-bones way to make sure your kid doesn't drop your thousand-dollar phone when you use it as a pacifier. This idea came to me after watching a toddler in a stroller drop their parent's iDevice. I started thinking about how weird it is that we put a month's worth of rent into a kid's hands and that it's just acceptable social behavior now.

If we're going to keep doing it, I figured I could at least come up with a method to make sure your phone doesn't disappear if your kid drops it in the mall and doesn't decide to immediately tell you.

I bought both supplies from a Dollar Store, hence the $2 title. I can't imagine it would cost you more than that anywhere else, but there's my disclaimer.


  • Ring Phone Holder
  • Pet Leash
  • A Phone (I feel like that's implied)

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Step 1: Place Ring Phone Holder

You want this to be near the center of gravity, but also where you can use it. The easiest way to do this is to put it on one of your fingers and find somewhere close to center that is a natural grip on your phone.

Use a pencil to lightly mark where that is, peel off the tape, and apply it to your phone case. (If you're handing your kid a phone with no case, sit down and rethink your life, go buy a case, and then finish this tutorial).

Step 2: Attach Lanyard

Test this bad boy out! Over a bed or something. Please don't swing your phone above your head.

Step 3: Use It!

Here's the most basic way you can attach this to a stroller or bike or yardstick from Home Depot. I'm sure there are knot-tying Instructables around here somewhere if you want a different knot.

Enjoy! and let me know it works for you! Happy phone-not-dropping!

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