Baby Sheldon Cooper Costume

Intro: Baby Sheldon Cooper Costume

I started out drawing the "Flash" logo onto a plain white tshirt (I used a canister lid as a stencil), painting the lightning bolt yellow, then cutting it out. I glued it onto a plain red onesie and voila, a cheap Flash tshirt for a baby (rather than paying $16 for one that he'll only wear once then poop in)! I paired this with a long sleeve striped shirt, brown pants, plaid shoes, and an adorable comb over to make Baby Sheldon Cooper! You may add a watch and a messenger bag if your baby will let you (mine didn't!). I am holding him dressed as Amy Farrah Fowler. Don't mind my silly face lol



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my god. I'm dying. You're Amy. If you and Sheldon had a kid. LOL!!!