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Introduction: Baby Swing Power Coversion

For some reason, baby swings dont come with wall chargers or winders like the one I rode in.  They like to eat D batteries by the truck load.  So, I had to modify the swing to take AC power from the good ol' wall.  Since we might wanna take the swing out in the yard for some reason, I put in a switch that would let it run on batteries or AC.

This is a simple on/off DPDT switch from Radio Shack.  

In this pic you can see the old cell phone charger cord concealed coming out of the back of the housing. The swing takes 4D batteries at 1.5v each. So the power adapter I am using is a 5.8v supply. It's almost exactly the right amount of voltage with loss.



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    FYI we have a similar swing that took 4 "D" batteries, and I used an old LinkSys AC Adapter, 5V 2amp. I figured any voltage between 1.2 and 1.5V per cell (4.8-6V) should work fine, and from other online posts it seems safe to have 850mA or higher.

    I used another instructibles post for the basic instructions:

    And instead of a toggle switch I used a jack (Panel-mount Size M Coaxial Power jack p/n:274-1582 from Radio Shack) with a built-in DPDT switch for ~$3.99. If wired correctly, it will auto switch to AC power when the adapter is plugged in, and switch back to battery when unplugged. See below for a pic of my finished product. There are several sizes available, this one happened to fit the adapter I found.

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    Forgot to mention, I like this solution because there isn't a wire permanently attached to the swing. You can also implement a similar solution with a separate toggle switch...but that seems like unnecessary extra work.

    HI! Thanks for the great post! My only question about these kind of conversions, is do you need to be concerned with amperage? Understandably, you want to try to match the voltage of the combined 4 batteries to the AC supply, but what about amperage? As I understand it, a D cell battery has 1200mA hours, or 12 amps for an hour. I don't know if this means that batteries are 12amps? that seems high, and also cell phone adapters are usually less than an amp. Do I need to worry about this? Thanks!!

    I also was wondering how you wired it. Just a little more details/pics on how you hooked it up. If it's on another instructable a link would be a good idea too.
    That being said, Great idea! I always wished our swing would plug in the wall and not use batteries....must be a Fischer Price/Energizer conspiracy.

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    Hey there... thank you for your interest. I no longer have this swing as the motor eventually decided to die and I later purchase a swing with AC already built in. The wiring I used was almost exactly like this one:

    This project rocks. I bet a lot of frustrated battery-buyers would love to see how this was done. Perhaps a step by step instructable in the future?

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    Thanks man! ... there is a step by step one on here if you look at the related projects. My intent was to just enter the contest, but I think I will be adding some of my other projects w/ step by step instructions in the future. ;-)