Baby Toy Lanyard



Introduction: Baby Toy Lanyard

Here is a way to make a simple lanyard for baby toys or pacifiers.

Cost $2.00 each.

Little sewing skill needed.

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Step 1: Cut and Melt

Cut ribbon of choice to around 3 feet. Melt the ends if it is a type of ribbon that will fray.

Step 2: Small Loop

Sew a small loop. About 1/2 inch wider than the ribbon.

Step 3: Sew a Big Loop on the Other End

It should be about 1/2 inch bigger than the toys you will connect.

Step 4: Use

To attach the toy:
1 run the ribbon around or through the toy
2 feed the big loop through the little loop
3 run the ribbon around carrier or whatever it's attaching to
4 feed the toy through the big loop

For safety make sure that the lanyard is too short to strangle the child and what it's attached to cant be pulled over on them. Use at your own risk.

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