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Introduction: Baby Wearing - How To

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One of the most important aspects of being a mother/father is generating a relationship with our baby where he/she can feel affection, love, security and stimulation. These aspects are not only "nice to have" but they also encourage neurological development.

I have been baby wearing since my baby was 2 months and I have been very happy with the result. It is not also practical when you need to carry your baby in places where taking a stroller is not available but it also helps mom/dad and baby to be more connected.

Here I explain how to use a flexible baby carrier

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You only need:

  • Flexible baby carrier
  • Baby from 10-15 kilograms

Important: baby carrier is manufactured in a special size (around 5 meters) and material so it can hold your baby. The brand you buy should be specific on the maximum weight it can hold.

Step 2: Take the Baby Carrier Right in the Middle

Baby carriers usually have a label in the middle to make this step easier.

Step 3: Wrap It Around Your Body

Ensure that the label is in the middle of your body by the chest

Step 4: Cross One Side in the Back

Cross baby carrier from your waist to your shoulder and bring to the front again

Step 5: Repeat With the Other Side

Repeat crossing the other side from the waist to the front.

Step 6: Put Each Side Inside the Front Part

Now that both sides are in front, you need to take them inside the initial part (the one with the label) and take them out again in the bottom.

Step 7: Cross Again in Your Waist

Cross both sides across your waist

Step 8: Cross in the Back

Baby carrier should cross from your waist to the back

Step 9: Bring in Front

You need to bring again the sides from the back to the front

Step 10: Tie

Tie both sides in the front, ensure that baby carrier is tight enough so the baby feels secure but can breath :)

Step 11: Introduce Baby

You are ready to carry your baby. You need to get his/her legs inside the baby carrier starting from the side that is closer to you body. Repeat this with the other leg. Once the baby is ready, take the middle part (the one with the label) up from the legs of the baby to his back in order to hold him.

Step 12: Enjoy

Take your baby wherever you need with this practical baby carrier and enjoy being together.

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