Freshwater Pearl Spray Wedding Necklace

Introduction: Freshwater Pearl Spray Wedding Necklace

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Baby Your a Firework!
I make "spray" style necklaces in my shop from time to time. This is a picture of the red,white and blue version I made for a July wedding order. I used mono-filament and freshwater pearls. The pearls are hand dyed and purchased from a local bead shop called ' La Bead Oh!" in the city closest to my little rural town. They hold up very well, despite all the things people say about mono-filament. I have been selling them for years without any issues. I think they key is to use high quality materials, make your knots tight, and use a decent clasp.
I use the screw crimp system to hold each strand tight, and I will add a dab of super glue up into the crimp for extra hold.

I hope that the wedding is as beautiful as the bride, and that the day is bright and sunny for you, Julie!  Enjoy your special day!

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    im confused....are there instructions?