Baby Shower Centerpiece


Introduction: Baby Shower Centerpiece

Step 1: Materials

Teething rings
Little rubber bands
3 large rubber band
5 baby wash clothes
Small dr Seuss book
Diaper bag dispenser & bags
Travel size baby shampoo
1" ribbon

Step 2: Folding Diapers

Just roll and wrap with a small rubber band.
Roll. Roll. Roll.

Step 3: Stack'em Up

Diapers per tier

I used the little rubber bands per diaper. And the larger rubber bands for each tier. Just tension them to about 10 ft-lb of torque per.

Step 4: Decorating Up

I slid my decorations in between the rubber bands.
Then wrapped a ribbon around the perimeter to hide the rubber band.

Step 5: Icing on the Cake

Now that it's all done. I put a small book on top. It just seemed to bring it all together. I hope that you have enjoyed this ible and inspires you, if you were searching on the line for ideas.



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3 Discussions

A few years from now you might need to make one for me?

A few years from now you might need to make one for me?

Great job Nancy