Back & Biceps Resistance Band Circuit Workout

This intense superset circuit style back & bicep resistance band training is a great portable workout that you can use for travel or if you have no access to a gym.

This is my go to back & bicep strength training workout whenever I am on the go with zero access to any weights. The superset style training maximizes time under tension for muscle building and also gives you a great heart pumping cardio workout.

There are total 6 exercises and 3 superset circuits:

Superset circuit 1: 10 reps dual bicep curls + 10 reps dual rows

Superset circuit 2: 10 reps dual hammer curls + 10 reps lying down pull overs

Superset circuit 3: 10 reps reverse curls + 10 reps stiff leg deadlifts

No rest during this workout and repeat these 6 exercises 3 times for an intense back & biceps workout.

Hopefully you find this resistance band workout helpful and for more resistance band workouts below:

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