Back Light a Frame

£3 project

Items required

1 x Picture frame (deep) £2

1 x 20 String LED Lights (indoor) £1

Screwdriver (Flat)

Stapler (to hold LED's in place)

Step 1: Remove the Back

Remove the back of the picture frame, you may need to use a flat blade screwdriver to lift the metal tabs

Step 2: Install the LED's

I divided the sides so that 5 LED's were evenly spaced.

Lucky that the frame was 10" x 10" so just divided 10 by 6 = 1.666

I used a stapler to hold the LED's in place.

Step 3: Add Power to Test

Time to power up the LED's and angle to cast the light evenly.

Step 4: Finished Product

Once I was happy the whole thing looked even, it was time to place the back back on.

The end result looks great.

Battery pack can be hidden inside the frame, or stick it on the outside for easy access to the power switch and batteries.

You could re-home the switch to be accessed discreetly if wall mounting, but I just stuck the battery pack to the back of the frame as it was going to be placed on a shelf.



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    Ooo it's so pretty, it really creates a gorgeous shadow effect that adds to the drama of the piece! Welcome to instructables!