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Introduction: Back to the Arcade

I'm a hugh fan of Back to future trilogi. and i decide to make a arcademachine with the movies i memory.

Step 1: Making of the Cabinet

I cut out some mdf plates mounted some support list

Step 2: Takeing Form

add the middelplates

Step 3: Kontrolpanel

this will be my kontrolpanel and painted the first time

Step 4: KP

made holes for joystick and bottons

soldering up the wire to button and joystick

Step 5: Speakers

modifice an old pcspeaker, this is absolute the best sound for retro gaming , sound a bit like 8 bit music

Step 6: Artwork

made some artwork printet it out on adhesive paper

Step 7: Bezel

found the old figure from the 80'es adhesive this aruond the screen

Step 8: Maquee

AND fianally i would like to call this cab for BACK TO THE ARCADE !!

Step 9:



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    Hej mrønde,

    Where did you get the artwork printed? :-)


    1 reply

    still have some of it :-) send me a mail

    ;-) thanks.. tell all your friends, and vote for this one.

    greetings from Denmark


    Reply 2 years ago

    this is my own kit make them my self useing a cnc cutter...Se more on my site