Back Yard Swing

Introduction: Back Yard Swing

72 yrs old male retired who loves wood and metal crafting

All treated wood

Step 1: Build Frame and Step

4x4 x8 for side post,4x4x8 for cross piece , leave one ft each side, 4x4x4 for braces 45degees 4x4x4 floor runners (4) pieces 4ft long , use 1x6 decking for floor, use bolts for attaching 4x4 use outdoor decking screws fo floor.or use metal cleats and screws all butt joints

Step 2: Make Swing

use 2x6 treated cut braces at a comfortable curve for seat and back (3) each--- seat about 28ins---back about 38 ins long. use 1x2x8 cut to 4ft lengths . cut (2) pieces for arms about 24 ins shape to suit and (2)arm braches assembly all parts with decking screws. paint or leave natural buy chain set at lowes will have hooks and eye bolts in pkg. have fun



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