Back to School Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Back to School Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

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Hi Everyone,

I just uploaded a new video on my youtube channel - I love makeup and well I think I am a hoarder of lipsticks now!! In today's video I am showing you guys a Back To School all Drugstore Makeup tutorial ... Relatively all makeup used was from Makeup Academy, MUA in short. Except for one item, the primer as I do not own a MUA one. I used a primer from Makeup Revolution. So therefore, it was still a drugstore one. Anyways if you are intrigued by this post and want to check out my makeup tutorial please check out this link to my video - or watch my video right here which includes all the steps I took as well as all the products I used.

Thank you so much, and have a lovely day !! Love Kezia xoxo

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