Backless Heart Shaped Top || FREE PATTERN

Introduction: Backless Heart Shaped Top || FREE PATTERN

About: I´m a mexican fashion designer & i love sharing pretty DIYs with free patterns.

Heart shaped top || FREE PATTERN

Step 1: Backless Heart-shaped Top || FRE PATTERN


60cm de tela | 60cm fabric

tijeras | scissors

alfileres | pins

hilo | thread

maquina de coser | sewing machine.

Step 2: Patterns Order || Orden De Patrones

Descarga los patrones y únelos en este orden || download the free patterns and glue them together in this order.

Step 3: Seam Allowance || Centimetro De Costura

Los patrones no incluyen cm de costura. Agrega 1cm de costura en la línea rosa y 2cm en la línea azul

The patterns do not include seam allowance. Add 1cm on the pink line and 2cm on the blue line.




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    Wonderfull!!!! thanks.

    Nicely done. Thanks for sharing how you made this!