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Introduction: Backlit Mirror

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Ditch the hallway night light.
Add some ambiance to your front foyer with a backlit mirror.

Skill Level
Basic - intermediate wood working 

Tools required.
Table Saw
Drill & Bits
Paint & Brush

Materials required:
1x Mirror (any size)
3x 2 x 4 x 8's (cut to size)

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Step 1: Mounting

Find a spot on the wall for your mirror.
Rip all three 2x4x8' pieces down the length at a 45 degree angle.

Cut the first 2x4x8' to the width of the mirror. (in this case 30")
Mount the pieces against the wall.
For all intents and purposes we will call these the horizontal mounting studs.

Step 2: Build Framework

Framework will be built to mount onto the back of the mirror.
Cut according to the size of your mirror.

Step 3: Framework & Mount Detail

The framework spaces the mirror from the wall and allows it to be removable.
The 45 degree cut on the horizontal mounting stud allows the user to easily secure/remove the mirror onto the wall.
Being able to take the mirror on and off the wall allows for light adjustment etc.

Step 4: Mount Framework Onto the Back of the Mirror

Using wood screws mount the framework onto the back of the mirror.
Run the led strips (ikea) near the top and bottom facing backwards.
I ran the switch to the side of the mirror.
(Painting the frame is optional)

Step 5: Hang the Mirror

With the framework mounted to the mirror.
Just hang it onto the horizontal mounting studs.

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    4 years ago

    I like how much information is on this step by step instructions. the photo of the mirror with the back lights on gives it a nice glow. This would be really helpful if you need just a little bit of light and don't want to turn the room light's on. I'll have to check it out more.