Backpack GoPro Shoulder Mount



Introduction: Backpack GoPro Shoulder Mount

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This is a shoulder mount for a backpack with your gopro I thought of this because I'm going on a trek and all the backpack mounts you needed tripods so here it is WHAT YOU NEED backpack Gopro Gopro original mount (the one that your gopro is on when you buy it) Super glue Needle and thred Scissors

Step 1: Cut the Hole

First mark where you want your gopro on your shoulder then cut a hole in the tightening strap of your shoulder strap so just the top of your gopro mount fits through it

Step 2: Gluing

Now get your glue and under your hole glue the gopro mount in place and hold together Don't let go

Step 3: Stitching

Now still got your gopro mount get strong thred and kinda stitch on the mount to the shoulder strap for extra strength Just stick wherever you think needs it


Now just put the hole you cut over the mount and go trekking

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