Backpacking and Survival Tip. How to Make Dehydrated Food Beef Stock Great for Prepping

ackpacking and survival tip. how to make dehydrated food beef stock great for prepping

in this video I will show you how to dehydrate beef stock

Pour your stock into a pot or pan over medium heat
Bring to a boil and reduce until a 1/4 of the total volume is left
After the stock is thick, transfer it to you dehydrator
Turn on too high and wait 8hrs
crush and blend the dry stock into a fine powder
Store in a airtight container for 8 weeks or use oxygen absorb-ers in and airtight sealed bag for a year

To re hydrate mix a tea spoon of powder per cup until devolved then add another tea spoon of powder until mixed in

you can use store bought stock or make your own
to see how please check out "get forked"



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    3 years ago

    Will this method work for soups?