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Introduction: Backsplash Remnant Mirror Updo

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I recently had my kitchen backsplash replaced and I bought more pieces than I actually used. I'd been thinking how I could use them for weeks and I finally got an idea. I love mirrors and the light they give to any space so this was definitely something I was going to use.

Step 1: Materials

Circular mirror

Circular thin wood or MDF. This one has to be 3 inches bigger from all the sides of the mirror.

White spray paint

Cold silicon

Backsplash pieces

Alligator hook

Thick flexible wire



Step 2: Paint

Use your spray paint to paint the wood. I just used one layer of paint because I didn't want it to look very white and very visible, I just wanted it to camouflage with my wall.

Let it dry

Step 3: Glue Mirror

Put cold silicone all around your mirror and some lines inside. This mirror I bought had double sided tape to glue it to a wall but that wouldn't be enough. Place it in the center of your wood and press down firmly.

Let it dry for 3 hours.

Step 4: Get Your Pieces

This kind of backsplash designs come with the pieces glued in a net. Take all your pieces off the net and decide how are you going to put them in your mirror to follow a design and so it can look integrated.

Step 5: Glue the Pieces

Put some silicone in the wood where you're going to start your design.

Place the pieces one by one following the shape you already chose. Every time you place one piece push down firmly to make it attach correctly to the wood. Do this in spaces of 5 inches at a time, don't put cold silicone all around and then the pieces because it might dry off before you reach it.

Step 6: Alligator Hook

When you are missing an area of around 4 inches place the alligator hook and make two marks where you are going to drill. Put your wood on something tall and smaller so that this part doesn't touch the table. Drill in the marks and use the wire to attach the alligator hooks to the back of your wood.

I then realized this would've been easier to do before gluing the pieces to the wood but anyway, you can still do it at this point. Just make sure your hook is facing the wall. Use the pliers to twist and cut the extra wire.

Keep gluing the missing pieces on top of the wire and let it dry all night before hanging.

Step 7: Ready!

There you have it! Besides looking good you recycled pieces you thought were of no use anymore.

Happy creating!

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Awesome! Beautiful and interesting. Also a good way to tie in colors through out the house.


    2 years ago

    Great tutorial!

    I would add a white led strip on the back to add a back glow with a very nice effect. Aim the led lights outside, 2-3 cm from the edge of the circle, to give the best effect.

    What material did you use for the backsplash pieces?