Backstage Mirror Light for Bathroom




Additional light in bathroom needed. So this was my choice.

Easy and cheep, but good looking. No need for workshop.

Work - about two hours

Cost - about - 13 EUR.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


- 1 of 50mm x 50mm PVC wire duck (in my case length of mirror - 1200mm ),

- 8 of E14 LED Bulb Light Lamp 3W Warm White 240V ,

- 8 of plastic double pin lamp holders (26mm diameter),

- 3m of 2,5A cord with switch,

- 1 tube of Superglue.


- Drill,

- 2 of drill bits (1 small for marking, other 26mm),

- Wire cutters / strippers,

- Vernier/Scale Power Tape

Step 2: Measurements, Marking, Holes

First of all measurements. In particular case - mirror length - 1200mm

So - 75mm from the edges and 150mm between light bulbs. Totally 8 Led light bulbs.

After measurements I drilled small holes to the cover of PVC wire duck to mark them for more precision drilling with 26mm bit.

Step 3: Lamp Holders, Wires, Fixing

To save the space I removed back parts of lamp holders.

To measure necessary length of connection wire just put two of holders in newly drilled holes.

Other 6 peaces I cut according to the first one, stripped them and connected to the holders as you see in the pictures. Last wire was with switch and plug.

Lamp holders stayed very tight in the holes, but additionally I fixed them with Superglue.

Bottom part of PVC wire duck attached to the wall and put the cover on.



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