Backup Wii Games on Any Wii




Introduction: Backup Wii Games on Any Wii

This instructable teaches you how to backup your own games, as many have requested.

REMEMBER This is an instructable to backup your OWN Wii games and in no way am I responsible for the legalities of your actions. This instructable is not to promote piracy because that is ILLEGAL, an I would nevr promote that. Remember: ANYTHING YOU DO IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, NOT MINE. I ALSO AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PHYSICAL OR SOFTWARE DAMAGE TO ANY WII CONSOLE AND AND THIS SOFTWARE HAS NO WARRANTY. USE AT OWN RISK.

Well, Lets Begin.

What you Need:
Official Wii Game
Homebrew Channel (If your Wii cannot run Homebrew, go Here)
SD Card

Step 1: Get the Files

Step 1: Get all the files here

Step 2: Copy the Contents of the Copy CONTENTS to ROOT of SD Card folder to the ROOT of your SD (There is an Imgburn installer there if you want it.)

Step 2: Install CIOS36Rev7

In this step we install cIOS36 Rev7

Step 1: Open the Homebrew Channel

Step 2: Click on the App labeled "Apps/cIOS Rev7/boot.dol" and then click Load

Step 3: Read the Disclaimer and Agree or Disagree

Step 4: Select WAD INSTALL

Step 5: Once it is done, select the option to restart your Wii

Step 6: You're done!

Step 3: Install DVDx

Any DVDx installed must be uninstalled before preceding.

Step 1: Open The Homebrew Channel

Step 2: Select the app labeled "Apps/DVDx/boot.dol", and hit load

2a. Select "Advanced Install"
2b. For IOS, select 249 (IOS249) (You have to use the D-Pad to select 249)
2c. Hit Install

Your Done Installing DVDx

Step 4: Choose Your Path


Goto Step 5 If you want to do a Network Dump, which goes at speeds dpending on the network taking a decent 4 hours for a single layer game (most of them are SIngle Layer), and could lose connection, and you could be almost done and you get an error, and the whole thing turns out to be a waste of time.


Wii and Computer both connected to the internet in the same house

Goto Step 6 If you want to do a Local Dump, (Over SD Card or USB Stick) which goes pretty fast, taking a shorter time.


SD Card or USB Stick that can hold 4.37GB.

Step 5: Network Dump

Step 1: Open the Homebrew Channel

Step 2: Select Network Dump

Step 3: Insert Wii Game

Step 4: It will scroll a bunch of text, and when it is done it will say "Your Wii's IP Address" or something similar. Copy this down.

Step 5: Go on your computer and open an Internet Browser.

Step 6: At the top, type in your Wii's IP address, and hit Enter

Step 7: The page should have 2 links: Download ????.iso and Restart Wii

Step 8: Hit Download ????.iso

Step 9: A download window will appear. click SAVE (Not Open)

Step 10: Come back in about 8-9 hours and you will have your iso.

Continue to STEP 7

Step 6: Local Dump

I haven't tried this yet, but the instructions in the app, should be straight forward.

Get back to you later on this.

Step 7: Your Done!

Now that you have your ISO, burn it at 3x or lower speed, to a DVD-R and go to my othereinstructable here to learn how to use it.


A special thanks to waninkoko, the one who made this AND running backups possible.

Any troubleshooting will be posted here:

(None Yet)



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