Backup Energy Saver All in One Kit Powered From a Folding Mobile Solar Panel




Introduction: Backup Energy Saver All in One Kit Powered From a Folding Mobile Solar Panel

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Hi everyone,

First of all i would like to tell you that this is an "OFFGRID CONEST" instructable so please vote if you like the project!

The idea came when i was camping at Lefkada a greek Island (maybe the best beaches in the Europe)

I was looking to the sun and i said this is it!
Why don't to store some of all this energy to here music all the day and charge my gadgets(camera,cell phones,mp3 players,...,)?
The all i want were a solar panel and some batteries...
They must be mobile...
They must be easy to carry....
They must be self sufficient...
They must be sant proof...
And many other musts....

So i did this project...

A Folding mobile Solar panel with a 14ah 12 volt energy buttery pack full extras...

The battery kit is made only from reusable stuff:

The speakers were found in a 2.1 logitech pc system...
The speaker covers are from an ald cassete player...
So for the rocker switches from pc power supply..
And the power socket too...
The batteries are from a ups...They will be completely discharged after a full charge after 2 days of normal use....
The A meter from an old power supply...
The audio amplifier is from a pc audio system too...

The panel consist of 36 cells (0.45 V , 1.8 watt).

Dimensions : 54x54cm.
Output        : 20 volt (open circuit)
Current       : 3.9 A
Power         : 64 Watt

And the Backup energy kit consists of:

Mp3 player,
usb charger,
power supply,
audio amplifier,
speaker set,
energy sufficient kit(double pack of 7h 12 volt batteries)!

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Step 1: Making of the Panel

This is a mobile solar panel.
You can get it with you everywhere.
We made it for camping.
The panel consist of 36 cells (0.45 V , 1.8 watt).

You can watch  the full pictorial of the construction here:

Step 2: Making of the Energy Box


-First we have to drive the external power to our batteries...
 We do so with a phocus solar charger...

-The batteries are in paraller..

-The circuits for the 5 volt are switching regulators with the lm2576-5.

-The audio amplifier is stereo 2 x 5 watt..

-The speakers are 3 watt 8 ohm..

-The led array consist of 26 red and 24 blue high brightness straw hat leds...
 There are 2 scales only the reds or both of them with a switch
 They are in paraller with a resistor every 4 leds at 5 volt

-The internal light is a led strip controlled by a terminal switch

-I put a rocker main switch without including the audio amplifier.

-The audio amplifier on off switch is infront of the box with a led indicator...

-Above the box there is the audio in jack for the mp3 player device...

-There is a mini usb outlet next to the audio jack


Red= 12 volt
Yellow= 5volt
Black= Gnd
Brown= input +
Blue= Input -

Step 3: Panel Measuring Tests

Yoy can watch a measuring test video here:

Step 4: Backup Energy Kit Full Working Test and Final Snaps

Watch the full working test here:

If you liked my project and you want more info please ask...
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    3 years ago

    Μπράβο φίλε. Πολύ όμορφο. Σκέφτομαι να κάνω το ίδιο αλλά να κάνω το πάνελ folding πάνω σε πανί για να είναι ακόμα πιο φορητό.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice project. I must look into making something like this. I like to have portable power, and this would work really well. I especially like the idea of using a large toolbox to contain the batteries and such.