Backyard Fish Pond

Pond construction is the most important part of the pond owning experience. By installing state of the art products that do the job they are designed to do your end result will be a backyard fish pond that you love and enjoy.

Step 1: Digging the Hole

First dig yourself a good hole. I had a look at pond liners that were available first.

You want to dig the sides straight down, but be careful that you don’t break off parts of the wall as we want them nice and solid for later. You might want to start a little smaller than your ideal size and make it bigger as you go just incase you do accidentally collapse part of a wall.

Step 2: Lay the Tarpaulin in the Hole and Add Water

Lay the tarpaulin in the Hole and add water

Step 3: Secure the Pond With Net

Secure the pond with Net



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    7 weeks ago on Step 3

    Did you fit it with a filter? It seems to me that this might be the kind of pond for koi. What kind of fish did you use?
    I really like the simplicity of the project. This is the kind of what-for I originally came to Instructables for... things folks can do without needing a bunch of cash, cutting lasers, fancy computers & machines, etc.

    Congratulations. I also liked your banana cupcake instructable. Woo Hoo.