Backyard Grilled Pizza

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Welcome to your new favorite way to enjoy a home-cooked pizza. Everything is super fresh and delicious, and the whole thing cooks up in just a few minutes!

Check out this post for my tips and tricks for making a grilled pizza on the go without everything falling apart or making a huge mess!

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Step 1: Prep

Turn your grill on high to preheat for a couple minutes. When you're ready to start cooking, turn it down to medium, brushing it with olive oil and setting the tomatoes right on the hot surface. Close the lid.

While the tomatoes are beginning to cook, shape and roll the dough. Place the dough on the remaining grill area.

Once the bottom of the crust lightly browned and crisp and the tomatoes are beginning to bubble and char, flip them all.

Step 2: Get Saucy

The tomatoes should be bursting open and a bit charred by now.

Scoop them onto the top of the crust, and use the spatula to smash and spread them for the pizza sauce.

Step 3: Topping Time

Sprinkle a big pile of cheese over the smashed tomatoes, and top it off with roasted peppers, onion, or anything else you love.

Step 4: Add Wine

Close the grill, and let the pizza continue to cook just until the cheese is nicely melted.

When it's nice and bubbly on top, pull it out and let it cool for a few minutes -- just enough time to crack open a bottle of wine and pour a couple glasses!

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