Backyard R/C Track




Introduction: Backyard R/C Track

If you have a r/c(remote control) truck, but no where fun to drive it. Here is how I made a very simple backyard track that you can do too.


Wheel barrow




Dirt tamper

Cutters for weeds and roots

Gloves and a strong back


Dirt/Sand - Depends on your track base. I bought a few bags then found a friend doing construction that gave me a truck load of dirt.

4 inch pvc drain pipe - Depends on your track size

12 inch rebar stakes - to secure the pipe. As many as needed

4x4 wood pieces for making banking turns and jumps

Optional - sign materials, astroturf, tunnel.

Step 1: Prepare the Site

Hopefully you have a nice flat spot with no weeds, rocks and trees in the way. I started with the picture above and it took a while to clear out. Fortunately I had cleared most of it for anther project(Backyard roller coaster) but that didn't work out.

Measure and map out the course you want. Here is a Google link to give you some good ideas. I started small for my son's track, but we already have plans to expand.

Depending on your site you will need to remove grass,weeds, roots etc and rake it smooth. I add sand to my soil to make it lighter and have better drainage.

Step 2: Lay It Out and Build It Up

Roughly lay out your drainage pipe and 4x4's in the corners. Stake down the pipe and wood as you go. I recommend at least a foot of rebar for each stake. Also depending on the car size and how many cars you want to race. I would recommend at least 5 feet width on your track. This seemed like a good size for 1/16 scale and a few cars racing. My banked turns are only two and three 4x4's high but that is up to you.

My kids wanted a special short cut, so we used half a plastic barrel for a tunnel and a small dirt jump back onto the course. It's your track so you can do whatever you want.

I put 4x4's down for the base of the jumps but you could just use dirt.

Tamp down the track and banked turns as needed.

Rake it smooth again, pull some roots and then maybe it's time for a test run.

Step 3: Details and Racing

Every race track needs a name and sign. You can make one with coroboard, pvc and a sharpie. Simply print out your text on paper. Cut out and trace it onto your sign. Then fill in with sharpie. Attach the sign to some Pvc with zip ties. It may not last through a hurricane, but it adds a nice touch.

To keep weeds down and make the track look nicer. I cut and placed AstroTurf in and around the track.

Next will be to build a grandstand and some more bumps and jumps.

Obviously this isn't a professional course, but it's a good start and the kids love it.

Now stop driving that off road truck in the street and build your own backyard r/c track.



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    18 Discussions

    Why do you need a track just the outdoor so you can use the suspension and see how fast it goes because you cant go fast around the corners because you will fly off the track or flip.

    How did you get the dirt hard packed. I have a tamper but felt useless

    2 replies

    use water, find a big roller also.

    Maybe its your dirt. The flat areas seemed to pack down easily for me. The jumps however are still a little loose. A few rains have helped as well.


    That is actually the plan. Already started expanding the track and making bigger jumps.

    you sir are a awesome father your kids are very lucky to have you

    This is awesome. I love the tunnel shortcut. Monti Carlo,
    Indy ,and the GV Speedway. I voted for you.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the vote. Sometimes it's tough getting through the tunnel to take the shortcut. I told my kids don't always take the shortcuts in life.

    This is great! Dad of the year award contender. Looks like a lot of fun.

    I really like this idea! Too bad I'm renting at the moment (not like I have the kind of room for this anyway), but it's an idea for the future.

    Seriously cool! I love the short cut. Your kids must be loving it.

    This is really cool

    This is really cool! Love the banks and jumps . . . wish I had the space. Perhaps someday!

    Great ideas, thank you for sharing this!

    1 reply