Bacon Belt Buckle!





Introduction: Bacon Belt Buckle!

Does one of your hipster friends or hard-to-buy-for family members have a birthday soon?  Need an anniversary gift for your sweetie-pie? Or do you want to just say "hey. i have a crush on you. let's share some bacon and drink beer sometime." If any of the above statements apply to you, you are in luck because EVERYONE LOVES BACON!!  Don't worry even a VEGAN can enjoy this cruelty free "bacon" belt buckle!
intact with a Sir. Francis Bacon quote (HA!)




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    4 Discussions

    my boyfriend loves bacon & likes to think he is a cowboy. what a perfect gift! i am definitely going to try making one of these! great job!

    I had no idea bacon could be so fun! I love belt buckles and your hilarious imagination is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing...

    I wonder what other Belt Buckles can be made with other foods? Maybe tons of broccoli? it seems lots of tiny bits of broccoli would give it a "grassy" look. Anywho, I am now hungry for veggie bacon.

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