Bacon Egg Burger




got an idee to make a burger-egg-bacon style...

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Step 1: Prepare

do your burger as usally. make a hole in the centerg ex. with a small glass

Step 2: Roast

when your begin to roast the burger put an egg in the hole. turn it around as usally.

Step 3: Make Burger

fill in your favorite toppings of course bacon the green salad is only for the color design ?

Step 4: And Eat

sorry my egg had to much time roasting. Hope to give it enough to See the yellow egg yolks flow out of the burger

Step 5:

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    mmmmmmm i like ur idea its good and easy


    3 years ago

    That looks good but I think I would like a sesame seed bun instead.