Bacon Onion Rings




Introduction: Bacon Onion Rings

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A short video showing a quick, simple but REALLY tasty BBQ snack. Replacing the batter of an onion ring with...bacon!

Cooking temps were approximately 140C / 285FThis fun dish can be served to keep your party happy whilst you cook the main BBQ, or to be added to other dished (imagine them on a burger).

Anyway, please enjoy the video, make them yourself and comment if you like them!



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7 Discussions

Oooh, my arteries...

These look fantastic. Baconion burgers on the menu this weekend for sure.

Approx 30-40 mins (140C) depending on how crispy you like your bacon @mnmama! :-)

Thanks David. Let's me know how long I would have to wait for them. Better eat lunch that day or I'll be drooling all over the kitchen waiting for them!