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Introduction: Bacon Potatoes

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This potato recipe was discovered accidentally when I was cooking some leftover baked potatoes with butter. When I finished cooking them, I took a bite and realized that this was the good potato recipe I was trying and trying to create! I decided to make an instructable about this. Also, this is an entree for the "Snacks", "Slow Foods", and the "First Time Authors" contests, so if you like it, please go to the contests and vote for it!

Step 1: The Night Before...

Preheat oven to 450ºF. Cut 3 potatoes in half, spread butter on them, prick with a fork or a knife, then wrap in foil. Place straight onto the oven rack, and bake for 1 hour. When done, Leave the foil on, cool, and refrigerate overnight.

Step 2: Cooking the Bacon

Cut 6 slices of bacon into small squares, and then cook them in a skillet on medium heat until done. When done, transfer to a large skillet and start melting half a stick of butter in the skillet. (we will use the other half later).

Step 3: While the Butter Is Melting...

Unwrap each potato half, and cut them into cubes.

Step 4: Add Potatoes to the Skillet

When you are done cutting, add the potatoes to the skillet and stir in the bacon.

Step 5: Cooking, Part 1

Cook the potatoes, uncovered, until there is not very much butter in the bottom of the skillet.

Step 6: Cooking, Part 2

Melt the other half of the butter, then turn to low heat and cook, uncovered, for about 9 minutes. Then turn off the heat

Step 7: EAT!

Bon appétit! I can almost guarantee that the bottom of the pan will be very messy, bit I think it is worth it!

UPDATE: 7/8/2017:

If you want more of a hash brown style, try peeling the potatoes before cutting them up. I tried this the first time, but I didn't do it for this instructable. The skins, however are very healthy, and even though they don't taste that great, the contain some great vitamins. Have fun and experiment.

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