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Have you ever wondered how on earth you would obtain fuel for your Bacon Powered Lamp if you had plenty of bacon, but no light or power, or even a stove?
Of course you have! But wonder no more. Thanks to some very helpful feedback from instructables members for my Bacon Powered Lamp Instructable I now have the answer. The Bacon powered Bacon Stove.
Thanks for your comments Civicalized, Ilpug, twojima, rtanner, and lambsb.
With this simple adaption to the original Bacon Powered Stove you can now refine enough bacon fat to keep you lamp burning indefinitely providing you have enough cheap, extra fat, bacon.

Step 1: Assemble You Materials

All you need is:
- One Bacon Powered Lamp as described in my earlier Instructable.
- One vessel for cooking the bacon. I used an old aluminium pudding bowl I happened to find in my shed.
- One old tin. Big enough to support your cooking pan and contain your Bacon Powered Lamp.
- Bacon. The cheaper the better. I have found that the cheap stuff is mostly fat; delicious, but frankly better used as fuel than food.

You will need some tools. I used a tin opener, an angle grinder, and a lighter.

Step 2: Prepare Your Tin

Firstly, cut the bottom out of your tin with a tin opener.

Then we will need some ventilation for the flame and some holes to let the romantic light out. You can see I cut a whole lot of slots around the base, and some random triangles around the main part of the tin. This process took about two minutes. Rough as anything, but I think it looks pretty arty.

Step 3: Assemble Your Stove

Put the large tin over the Bacon Powered Lamp and place the cooking pan on top of the tin. You want the flame to just touch the bottom of your cooking pan, so you may need to adjust the height of the lamp by standing it on something that is the right height. I used another tin can (gee-wizz those things are useful).

Step 4: Start Cooking

All you need to do now is fire up your lamp, pop the pan on top, bung in some fat bacon, and sit back and enjoy the ambiance. After a while the fat will start to liquefy and accumulate at he bottom of the pan. All you need to do is occasionally replenish the fat in your lamp with this liquid from the pan. Make sure the fat has got hot enough to get rid of any water in the bacon. It can make your lamp spit a bit.
Oh, and try not to burn your house down in the process. It's all a bit hot and flammable.

Step 5: Sit Back and Admire Your Work

Now you deserve a rest.
Grab some Super Crunchy Bacon Crackling (see my earlier Indestructable for the recipe), crack open a cool refreshing beverage, sit back and enjoy the relaxing bacony atmosphere.

Ahhh... Wouldn't be dead for quids.

I really hope you have enjoyed my Instructables. If you did, I'd love it if you could give them a vote in the bacon contest after May 8.




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    7 years ago on Step 4

    If you modify the bottom of your cooking pan, it can automatically drip excess bacon fat into the lamp as the bacon cooks. You might get away with driving a nail into the bottom of the cooking pan so it makes a small elevated bump with a hole in the middle. Be sure to do this off-center of the pan, so the grease drips onto the lamp, but not on the wick. The elevation is to ensure that a layer of bacon grease remains in the pan, but any grease that is over this level is drained into the lamp. You may need to somehow have a wire that penetrates the nail hole, so the bacon grease can overcome any surface tension that would keep it from draining.  Maybe a bent paper clip or something.  Any watery juices will remain in the pan, unable to reach the drain hole.

    3 replies

    Wouldn't dripping hot fat, in a trickle out of a hole in the bottom of a bowl, onto a burning flame. with just a bit of oxygen (thanks to those nifty triangles cut in the can) be somewhat of a massive fire hazard?
    The fat dripping out the hole, wouldn't be able to completely avoid coating the outer curved face of the cooking pan, even with a paper clip grease guide..over a live flame, I'm thinking this would end up achieving a bacon fat house destroying time bomb, that even Macgyver would be proud of (and whom oddly I am watching on the telly while typing this)


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 4

    Good idea. I was trying to install a tube, but your idea is much more do-able.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    phew, when i saw this ible i thought what a waste of bacon, but it was only the fat, good ible :P


    7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for the props man. nicely done. i wonder what other foods could be cooked using their own grease as fuel...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Haha this is awesome. I'm glad you modified your first idea into this. It is definitely on my list of projects!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Omg yay! You listened to mine and twojima's idea on the Bacon Powered Lamp page to have Bacon Powered Bacon! <3 I'd totally vote for this one. :D

    1 reply